With Pokémaker, you can create novelty Pokémon style cards at any time! Or use Pokémaker to keep a record of your card collection.

Use any picture from the internet, email, or the built in phone camera or photo album! Select the card series, the type, stage and other attributes.

Name your Pokémon, give it attacks, resistance, weakness and retreat points.

Then trade your cards with others via bluetooth or wifi!

You can also EMAIL cards to your friends, or post them on FLICKR or FACEBOOK as part of the free global Pokemakér community!

The basic application is free allowing you full ability to create, manage and post any number of cards (BUT LIMITED TO ONE CARD type).

Purchasing the application unlocks the ability to change cards and access to any of the 29 American-Gym style cards (ALL elements).

For those who want to use different card sets, you can then purchase additional packs for Japanese Imakuni, Trainers, Stadiums, and more...

If there is a particular card set you would like to see, please comment and we'll work on providing it.

NOTE: some users have noted they cannot add energy to attacks - to do so, you drag the energy you want across until your finger is in the "cost" box. We are looking at a change to the next version to make it more intuitive.

v3.0 iPad Screen Shots!!

Version 3.0 coming soon!

iPhone Screen Shots